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Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin, Jay Bhanushali and Vishal Kotian evicted

Television 26 Nov 2021

at the point when everybody awakens, they arrive at the kitchen to eat. During this, competitors begin battling with one another with regards to kitchen tasks. Tejasswi was conversing with Rajiv about breakfast. Nishant intrudes on Tejasswi and Rajiv when they were discussing kitchen errands. Neha blows up at them and yells at Nishant. Karan intrudes on them saying that they should quiet down. Rajiv lets them know that he would rather not converse with them now and leaves from that point. Rajiv then, at that point, goes to Umar and enlightens him concerning the discourteous conduct of Neha. He lets him know that even yesterday, when he was vexed, Neha didn't come to reassure him. 

After this, Bharti and Haarsh go to the Bigg Boss house. Everybody got cheerful seeing Bharti again in the house. Bharti let them know that today, she and Haarsh will choose candidates for end. Candidates got tense when they heard that Bharti and Haarsh will give them an errand where they will see their exhibition and afterward judge. 

The principal task was extremely chaotic. Tejasswi came there and let Bigg Boss know that she really wants some clinical help for her ears. Karan goes to Umar and inquires as to whether he is OK or not. Neha was watching them quietly. Karan and Vishal talk about what occurred during the assignment. Vishal attempts to intrude on Karan and Tejasswi during their discussion. 

Bigg Boss reports that Rakhi Sawant will go into the house as a trump card. Everybody gets energized hearing this in light of the fact that Rakhi Sawant made the past show so fascinating. After this, Bharti declares the names of the removed competitors, which were Neha Bhasin, Jay Bhanushali, and Vishal Kotian.

Read News Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin, Jay Bhanushali and Vishal Kotian evicted

Read News Bigg Boss 15: Neha Bhasin, Jay Bhanushali and Vishal Kotian evicted Online. Discuss Bollywood Interviews Television Movie Reviews Box office