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Karan Mehra accuses estranged wife Nisha Rawal of having an extramarital affair

Television 23 May 2022

 Karan Mehra has been in the information for his soured relationship with alienated spouse Nisha Rawal. Months after Nisha blamed him for treachery, and rape, Karan has now asserted that Nisha has been having an extramarital illicit relationship for the beyond 11 months and they are remaining together in his home. Adding further, the entertainer said that the man passed on his better half and kids to live with Nisha, and the last option has admitted it as well. "Indeed, even today a man is residing in my home. Throughout the previous 11 months, that individual has been remaining in my home. He has gone into my home, leaving his better half and kids," told Karan to an amusement entryway as announced by ETimes TV. Karan Mehra has additionally blamed them for coercing properties, organizations, vehicles, and cash from him. The entertainer has chosen to keep taking on the conflict. Karan Mehra additionally claimed that creator Rohit Verma and entertainer Munisha Khatwani, who were supporting Nisha before, aren't in touch with her any longer.

Karan Mehra, who has worked in TV programs and the Punjabi entertainment world likewise expressed that he was stunned when Nisha evened out major allegations against him. He has discussed facing an extreme conflict with her in court. Then again, Karan shared that he has assembled all proof that would present his defense more grounded. Karan additionally guaranteed that the data has been gathered sans the utilization of any PCs or records, and along these lines, it required him investment to shout out.

It was on May 31, 2021, when Nisha blamed Karan for aggressive behavior at home and affirmed that he pulled out more than Rs 1 crore from her financial balance. He was captured for purportedly attacking her and was subsequently delivered on bail. Afterward, a subsequent FIR was enrolled against him and his relatives. Discussing it, Karan had prior shared, "These segments mean savagery as for endowment, rape, viciousness, and so forth documented by Nisha against me, my old guardians and my more youthful sibling. We needed a stay and it has now worked out. It is a success that now the court will settle on the FIR and the police can't document a charge sheet, however it can explore. Presently, we battle the case in court."

Read News Karan Mehra accuses estranged wife Nisha Rawal of having an extramarital affair

Read News Karan Mehra accuses estranged wife Nisha Rawal of having an extramarital affair Online. Discuss Bollywood Interviews Television Movie Reviews Box office