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Kumkum Bhagya: Prachi to prove Rhea wrong

Television 13 Aug 2022

Ranbir locks everybody's telephones and gives the way to Dida. Aaliya lets Rhea know that she's a numbskull as she took Siddharth's name. Rhea tells her that Ranbir trusted her the last time. Aaliya tells her that now he will have a hard time believing. Ranbir goes to Prachi and tells her that in the event that he hadn't questioned her then they would have been content. He tells her that he is the best justification for her tears. Prachi wipes his tears.Pallavi and Vikram come. He lets them know that Pallavi is crying seeing Ranbir cry. Rhea tells Aaliya that Pallavi used to like her and was her ally however presently it's Prachi's shortcoming that she isn't her ally. Pallavi lets Prachi know that everybody is with her. Vikram gets a call from Siddharth and he says that he will arrive at night as the flight is dropped. Vikram requests that he switch off the telephone till then, at that point.

Rhea takes her telephone and is going to leave however Prachi tells her that she got boldness from her family so she needs her loved ones. She tells her that she doesn't need somebody who questions her and her child's personality. Prachi tells her that she will finish a DNA test. Rhea inquires as to whether he doesn't cherish her. He tells her that he never adored her. He tells Prachi they will go for the test toward the beginning of the day. Rhea panics.
This episode has been watched on the channel's OTT stage.

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