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Shraddha Arya conned by an interior designer in her absence

Television 24 May 2022

Shraddha Arya, who plays the lead in the well known TV show Kundali Bhagya, had as of late purchased another house in Andheri right opposite her folks' home. The entertainer was extremely energetic about doing the insides of her home and had employed an inside architect for it. In any case, the entertainer got stunned when she understood that the person she recruited had done misrepresentation on her and took off with her cash. Shraddha took to web-based entertainment to communicate her doubt and resentment regarding the issue.

She wrote in one of her posts, "The inside fashioner I wanted to trust has broken things in my home and take off with the fittings and other material after I had paid 95% of the sum that he, when all is said and done, cited me. Can't completely accept that this happened to me while I was away.""I was searching for an inside originator online that is the point at which I tracked down him. I recruited him to do my home after I got hitched in November last year. He had vowed to complete the work in four months yet it took more time than that. The sum he cited was in lakhs and I have proactively paid him around 95% of that. Presently he has disappeared with my cash as well as all the material that I had purchased for the house."

Shraddha was in Vishakhapatnam with her significant other Rahul Nagar for a couple of days and she got back to Mumbai yesterday. She said, "I was on a short excursion in Vishakhapatnam with my significant other and after I got back to Mumbai today, I went to the arrangements of Kundali Bhagya to shoot. My dad went to my home to simply check and that is the point at which he opened the house and understood that the inside person has taken off with every one of the electrical things and barely any different materials. I returned home and couldn't really accept that this had occurred. I'm sorrowful that the person I trusted has done this. I took a stab at calling him yet he's not answering and the photos on his Instagram account have likewise been erased."

Shraddha has chosen to move toward the police. She shared that there is an arrangement that has been marked as well, which demonstrates that he was appointed the work. She adds that she is incredibly annoyed with what has occurred as she had paid him large chunk of change and she truly trusts that the police can help her.

Read News Shraddha Arya conned by an interior designer in her absence

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